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I am in my late-60s, married to Mary over 30 years, father of 4 terrific kids and their families. I am a committed Christian, faithfully involved in my local church.

A graduate of the U. S. Air Force Academy, I spent 9 years as a pilot, flight instructor, classroom teacher, and flight examiner. I saw much of the world and learned a lot about people, education, government, and management. After marriage, Mary and I moved to Saudi Arabia for 14 years where I worked as a flight instructor, supervisor, and manager. I taught and managed international flight training, developed curriculum, and wrote airline training policy. From 2005 through 2008 I served as Executive Pastor in Shreveport where I supervised our men’s program, building maintenance, and administration. Since then I have actively engaged in helping men take their next step in life, getting what they want as both a life coach and a spiritual director.

My life is affected and reflected by family and friends.

Throughout this time I have worked with small groups and individuals to help them learn, develop, and reach Christian life goals and principles. For over 40 years I have worked with men, one-on-one, and small teams, so they could have successful marriages, families, and jobs. May I help you?

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