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THE FREEDOM FIGHT is a successful and proven ministry from Ted Shimer and his team. We will use two of their courses to help you get free of porn.

  1. The 30-Day Challenge

  2. The Freedom Fight - Flagship Program


The 1st program is the 30-Day Challenge. You can start today! This will give you a taste of the training material. Take your first steps toward freedom.

The Freedom Fight 30-Day Challenge


The Flagship Program

In February 2024 we will begin an online group with 4-6 other men for this 7 month, life changing program to get free of porn and other unwanted sexual behavior.

Listen to Ted describe how The Freedom Fight will help you stop porn use and other unwanted sexual behaviors.

Check out the program here.

These are the next steps for you.

  1. Take a look at the Freedom Fight website.

  2. Email me with your questions about the February 2024 online class.

  3. Sign up for the 30 Day Challenge and get started.

man running up steps

Why this works!

Check out my video. I would like for you to hear me explain why THE FREEDOM FIGHT works to help you get free from porn and unwanted sexual behavior. And then check out the details for the online FREEDOM FIGHT group starting February 2024.

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