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Image by Jef Willemyns


  1. Spiritual Direction – Explain spiritual direction, introduce spiritual directors, men will meet with men and women with women. Set up first one-on-one online appointment.

  2. Awareness, Attentiveness to God’s Presence – How do we “hear God”? Review biblical and historical patterns of listening to God.

  3. Examination of Consciousness – Reflection, asking the Holy Spirit to examine our hearts and minds on a regular basis.

  4. Silence and Solitude – The spiritual significance of regular times of solitude and silence with God. Recommendation on daily practices and extended retreats.

  5. Fasting – Review of biblical teaching on fasting, recommended best practices.

  6. Gratitude – Thankfulness, gratitude and its importance in our spiritual life.

  7. Grace – Increase our understanding of grace and power capacity to receive grace.

  8. Discernment – Best practices in discernment or decision-making in our spiritual life.

  9. Contemplation – How contemplation differs from meditation. The practice of being with the person of Jesus.

  10. Rule of Life – Establishing a personal God-given focus for my life, time, and energy.

To have some fun and to keep the names of our groups clear, we selected the following names:

  • Comprecatio – Latin for “prayer” in 2017

  • Oración – Spanish for “prayer” in 2018

  • Gebet – German for “prayer” in 2019

  • Du'aa - Arabic for "prayer" in 2021

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