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We have been married 30 years, and nothing has helped our marriage like the communication skills I have learned in the past two years through marriage coaching. The reason I like marriage coaching – it is “man-friendly”. This is see and do. I can handle that. Specific, researched-based skills that work. This course could benefit married couples of any age.

We are offering a 5 lesson Marriage Coaching Short Course. The requirements – your desire, your work, and 2 to 4 hours a week for 8 weeks.

What happens? You, your spouse, Mary, and I meet in person or by phone for a 1and ½ hour appointment. We teach and model the skills, you practice. In the following two weeks, you read the manual and do the exercises.

Cost? $300

Why am I charging? Because experience has shown that men value what they pay for. You will take the training more seriously. Money-Back Guarantee – You get your money back if you are not satisfied at the end of 5 lessons. All I ask is that you do the homework, exercises, come to the appointments and participate.

Why does Marriage Coaching work?

  1. It is built on solid Christian principals. The course is taught from a Biblical point of view.
    It is multifaceted learning – listening, practicing, reading, and reflecting. It respects the fact that adults learn best with multiple modalities. Many of us have attended lecture-style marriage seminars. These are great sources of information, but often we didn’t review and use the material. We only listened for a weekend and went right back to our busy lives.
    Marriage Coaching uses different methods of learning, focuses on skills not knowledge, and spreads out the instruction over time to encourage better application.
    It is a high value instruction. It improves one of the most important relationships in your life.

When? We will meet Monday or Thursday evening, every other week for two months.

1 – Introduction (a 30 minute lesson, all other lessons are 1 and ½ hours)

2 – Effective Listening: Holding Your Partner’s Heart

3 – Effective Asking: Opening Your Partner’s Heart

4 – Goal Setting: Honoring the Desires of Your Hearts

5 – Supporting Growth and Change: Honoring the Desires of Your Partner’s Heart

Call us with your questions and thoughts.

Sam and Mary Kendrick – Cell (318) 655-3984

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