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How does the coaching process work?

Coaching works because it is based on known, historical, relational, life principles:

Vision – When a person identifies and acts in accordance with their God-given strengths and desires they find satisfaction and fulfillment. When our outward actions and words synchronize with our desires and feelings, it results in inner integrity or congruence. Let’s identify your vision so you can move towards it.

Confidentiality – The client/coach relationship is private and confidential. This provides an environment where you can explore options, speak your mind, open your heart, and discuss options, without concern of criticism.

Mutual Respect – The coach is not the expert, on your life. You are. The coach helps you develop goals and action steps consistent with your vision and values. Because both the client and coach are accepted as whole, thoughtful persons they are able to communicate in an environment of mutual acceptance and respect.

Motivation – Working towards desired goals and seeing them accomplished, produces incredible energy and a desire for more of life. You can accomplish those goals for which you were created. You are doing what you want to do!

Teamwork – We don’t grow or change alone. We need each other to reach our goals.

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