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It has been such a joy these past 10 months to meet with you.  It seems our conversations were guided by the desires of our hearts and the Lord’s desire to continue His work of maturing us to look more and more like Him.

  1. I loved the readings. They were always on point and provided deep food for my soul.

  2. If you could fix the world wide internet, it would be most helpful!

  3. I absolutely look forward to my monthly talks with my spiritual mentor/coach. While we have missed several months, she has always shared encouraging words of truth from on high which I needed to hear or been a compassionate friend whose wisdom comes from a life seasoned by dwelling in the Presence of the Lord.   God is so good to provide just the right person and connect our hearts so perfectly!  (Nov 2019)

Anonymous, November 2019

My perception as I look back on it now is that the homework and the one-on-one sessions were more helpful than the group meetings.  Group meetings were good too, but the reading assignments and spiritual direction assignments were better.  I think the two most helpful points of focus (or should I call them units of study?) for me were the one silence and the one on awareness and the examen of consciousness.

Anonymous, November 2019

I found the meeting with the spiritual director most helpful.  It’s amazing how Holy Spirit guides the meeting.  These meetings are a catalyst to draw me closer to God.
I love the 10-month sessions focused on different kinds of prayers.  Because of the long duration, it is easier to form a life long habit.
This is how I would recommend the class:
“If you’re feeling burned out, come and take this class.  Learn to listen to God’s voice  Allow God to speak to you in gentile whispers.  Allow God to renew you; give you joy and strength to serve Him.”

A Sister in Christ in the AP, October 2018

This class came at a time in my life when I felt very distant and disappointed with God. As the months have rolled by, I have gained a nearness to God that I have missed. I have received from Him, in His presence, a filling of an aching loneliness. I am very, very grateful.
I enjoyed, and was sometimes overwhelmed by, the fellowship with brothers and sisters, from far far far away. … To attend a class of this caliber with these people, and with the both of you, was very humbling. Thank you again for including me.
I had never experienced spiritual mentoring before. Mary, God surely lead you to pick Karen for me. These were very tender, precious, holy meetings. I treasure them, and again, I am so very grateful.
Should I recommend this class to someone, I’d tell them that this class is a blend of historic and biblical experience, to explore different ways, to listen to, and to recognize the presence of God. It truly is a class to experience God.

A Grandmother in the USA, October 2018

I don’t know how to say thanks for the work you’ve put into developing this class and offering the spiritual direction. (My husband) and I have had numerous conversations about how it has blessed us. Of course, you’re both kind and genuine and understanding of life in this part of the world. And that goes a long way in how much you have blessed us and others. Thank you for not only doing this, but for generously offering your time at no cost. I don’t know anyone else doing something like this, and I think it’s very valuable.1. What has been most helpful? As far as the group discussion times, I appreciated the encouragement to try out some new practices (or return to old ones) but without a guilt trip if we passed on something or didn’t find something useful at this stage of life. I also appreciated the chance to ask questions of you and get honest answers but not answers to everything. I felt you didn’t mind sharing your experiences but also didn’t feel the need to have an answer for everything.
As far as the individual sessions, I appreciate Mary’s ability to bring out things I have overlooked in my experience and her encouraging words about how God is at work. I also appreciate that questions are welcome without needing immediate answers and that she honors desires as things planted by God. All of this is deeply encouraging to me and is far different from the input I get from anyone else. It’s invaluable, and I wish there was something I could give back that would be equally meaningful to you, Mary.
2What would I say to students? This course came at the perfect time for me. We started when I was feeling tired and confused. I was asking friends to pray for peace and joy for me, which I was desperate for. I don’t think this class is a magic answer for questions or needs, but the focus on listening to God and spending time with him was exactly what I needed. As I released my “need” to find specific answers to specific questions and instead asked God to speak whatever he wished, I found that some of the answers did indeed come. I was able to appreciate rest and find a peace and joy that remained through months of uncertainty for our family. Your experience could be very different from mine, but I have no doubt that if you spend these months with an increased focus on listening to God, he will respond.

A Mother of Small Children, July 2018

What was most helpful part of the course?
Spiritual direction. It made the concept connected to real life practice. Sometime I had personal life struggle, Mary lead me to listen from God.
What would you recommend to improve the course?
1) Since English is not my first language, written note is helpful for me.
2) It is easy for me to learn from practical way rather than concept and theory. I would like to hear more testimony / live experience from others whose are practicing what we learned.
In a few sentences, how would you recommend it to someone else?
If you want to break through the dry prayer life, let God to lead you in the different ways to relate to Him.

A Sister in Christ from Asia, October 2018

Just wanted to let you know that course was extremely beneficial for me. The themes great.
The preparation materials great.
Teaching style amazing.
Really felt soaked in prayer.
Thank you for assigning Victoria to me. She is a spiritual mother in the truest sense of the word.
Because of this course I’ve gotten to know my Papa in Heaven in a much much deeper and intimate way.
Praising God and praising you for your willingness to do this course for us all.

A sister in Christ from Europe, October 2018

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